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Tub and Shower Wall System

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water stopper

The waterproof tub and shower wall system was designed to give the builders, contractors and home owners a way of using a light weight board to provide an easy to install waterproof replacement system without having to use the more expensive method of lath, scratch and mud system.

This system is not only less expensive it’s faster, cleaner and far less waste bi-products. Another benefit this system has over other products is the ability to stop wicking of water up the walls and is very flexible at all joints and at the tub or shower pans.  This system along with the use of the water stopper and waterproof tub and shower wall system gives the consumer the complete confidence that the water will stay in its intended areas not causing expensive repairs from water damage.

If the waterproof tub and shower wall system along with a shower door is utilized it will be nearly 100% leak proof. 

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 08 June, 2009.